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-Chamber Member Spotlight-


The Lexington News is celebrating its 160th anniversary in 2022, and we are proud of our contributions to the city of Lexington over the past century and a half-plus. 


While the paper has undergone many changes over the years — including name changes, different owners, varying formats, and even different location — one thing has remained the same: the newspaper’s commitment to providing

readers with fair and accurate reporting of news that affects the Lexington community.


In 2011, the Lexington News became part of the Main Street Media newspaper group, and the paper is now published in Russell, Kansas with its state-of-the-art printing facilities.  Changes have continued to be made to keep the newspaper fresh, attractive

and serviceable. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to package the news.


A community newspaper is unique in that it serves many purposes. Not only do

we provide news, we serve as a community bulletin board, a public relations

medium for city and school activities, a billboard for merchants’ wares and

services, and a sounding board for residents’ concerns and complaints.

We are proud of the service we provide, the product we produce, and the

cooperation we receive from the community in general. Always keeping our

many loyal readers in mind, we feel that we are providing what area

residents want and deserve in a newspaper.

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