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The Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce

Since 1948, The Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce has encompassed a variety of businesses and organizations from real estate and tourism to retail, churches, specialty and antique shops to health and wellness among other industries. We invite you to explore our Membership Directory to get acquainted or perhaps reacquainted with our Chamber members.

Shop Lexington

Whether you live or work inside or outside of Lexington, we encourage you to champion Lexington business owners. The benefit to you is conscientious, hardworking, small business owners who pride themselves on providing you with quality products and services.


As a rural business community, it’s inherent for us to operate as a close-knit community that looks out for the best interest of our neighbors and those who keep us in business. As a Chamber member, you have access to a network of business professionals who demonstrate their interest in your success through business referrals and by advocating your product or service.

Join Us

If you haven’t joined the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce, we invite you to do so. Contact Jeff Banhart at 660.259.3082.


Get Involved with Your Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is actively involved in projects relating to local business, government, and other activities that stimulate area and regional growth.

Participating in committees and other Chamber functions helps strengthen the community and also gives you and your business exposure and networking opportunities.

Get involved! We'd love to work with you.

Call us at 660-259-3082 to discover how you can be an active member and help the community prosper.

Benefits Designed to Support your Business Growth

Pack the most value in your Chamber membership by taking advantage of the opportunities we offer.

Marketing Opportunities
The Chamber offers ways to promote your business--at no charge. Whether it's at one of our networking events, participation in a lunch and learn or through word-of-mouth advocacy, our goal is to maximize avenues to expose your company to target audience members.

Free Listing on the Chamber Web Site
Your business is accessible on in the Membership Directory. Individuals can search by your business name, industry or download a complete list of Chamber members. On average, the Chamber web site receives over 100 unique visits per day.

Business Referrals
The Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce fields hundreds of calls each month. We refer callers and visitors only to our Member businesses.

Business Connections
Throughout the year, the Chamber hosts before and after-hour events to help business leaders make connections. These events are member-only occasions that offer networking opportunties with business leaders and innovators in and around Lexington.

Brochure Display
Our high-traffic Business Resource Center has a members-only display for your marketing information.

Relocation Sponsorships
Put your company's name before businesses and individuals who request information about moving to Lexington. The Chamber receives an average of about 25 requests a month for our standard relocation package. If you are targeting newcomers, there's no better way to stretch your marketing dollars.

Chamber Committees
Volunteer for one of the many Chamber groups that work hard to promote events and progr
ams that make a favorable impact on area businesses and the Lexington community.

Join the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce!
To become a Lexington Chamber member, download our membership application. You may also contact Jeff Banhart at 660.259.3082 or visit the Chamber office at 1016 Main Street.

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