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Thanks for CONNECTING with us, Lexington!

Prior to the event, Lexington CONNECT was discussed at a regional meeting of Chamber of Commerce directors hosted by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Missouri Chamber Executive Director Tammy Long attended Lexington CONNECT, and with resounding endorsement, our CONNECT program is becoming a model for other communities throughout the state.

The Chamber shared event info with various entrepreneurial schools. We also developed three paid social media campaigns as part of the promotion, targeting both men and women with interests of business, real estate, entrepreneurs and investors in and areas surrounding the KC metro area. Exposure to these posts totaled 21,000+ people with around 1,000 clicking on the website. Of that 1,000, around 30% clicked through the entire website. The majority of the social media audience ended up being 75% women, ages 45-54. The post for local business promotion targeted a 30 mile radius; all posts were linked to the website. In addition, each local business partner was showcased with social media postings. Also, over 30 individualized signs were produced for the day, displayed throughout the area.

As a result of the efforts, Lexington CONNECT has generated six serious leads for rental or purchase of business properties in our town. Of course there are no guarantees, and decisions to rent or purchase do not happen immediately. That said, this program stimulated interest and positive attention to business possibilities in Lexington. We'll monitor these leads and let you know of any developments.

Many of our business partners reported steady traffic and sales during the event. As we said from the start, nobody had any way to predict the outcome of the day; better traffic for any business is a good sign, with the opportunity to make it better next time.

As a "first time" for Lexington CONNECT, we'll strive to address issues we encountered to make the next version of the event even better.

There is more work to do for next time. We already know there are omissions and inconsistencies in the historical timelines for the buildings. Perhaps the tours need to be more oriented towards a visitor's wishes and needs. Maybe some video testimonials from existing business owners could be added to marketing efforts. We'll analyze the effort with our Lexington CONNECT "core group" and find ways to improve it.

Lexington CONNECT will return. With some minor adjustment, our current website will continue to display available buildings throughout the year. Contact info signage will stay up in the windows. The CONNECTION will continue now that the formal event has ended.

The Chamber thanks all the volunteers, Board members, the City of Lexington, our business partners, ambassadors, realtors, participants and everyone else who helped make all of this happen. The need for business space occupancy in our community drives endless change. We see this change as positive...and change for Lexington with more businesses will help define its personality, its commerce and its future.

Lexington in Fact

>Has the largest number of antebellum homes per capita in the State of Missouri.

>Has been selected to be involved in a Community Arts Pilot Project, a partnership with the University of Missouri Extension to promote economic development in Lexington through the arts.

Setting Business Growth In Motion.