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Lexington Connect Event Slated for May 5.

The Chamber will again be hosting Lexington CONNECT, designed to attract new businesses to town, and to promote our outstanding group of existing businesses and entrepreneurs.

Last year, the event showcased the possibilities and since then, several businesses have opened and other properties have been purchased or leased throughout the downtown. Two new businesses on Main Street are currently rehabbing space that have sat empty for years, with plans for opening later this Spring.

May 5th will be designated "Small Business Appreciation Day" throughout town. It is our hope that everyone will make a point to visit at least two businesses, one you already love and another you've never been to. We will be reaching out to all businesses and will promote any events, specials or other activities they may have planned.

The second part of CONNECT is the continued promotion of available buildings to area and regional realtors and entrepreneurs. We are working with volunteers and the Chamber board to be Lexington ambassadors on May 5th to show how our town can be the perfect place for a new or growing business. With all types of affordable and flexible spaces, opportunity can sell itself to this audience.

Finally, luring new businesses to town is one thing. Keeping them alive and open is equally important. A vibrant business community benefits Lexington economically and steers future growth. It's up to all of us to keep business booming by buying locally whenever possible.

We'll keep you informed about this year's Lexington CONNECT as we pull final plans together. In the meantime, visit (and share) the CONNECT website with friends and associates...we still have some great available space for Lexington's next new business and we'd love to talk to them. Visit connect.historiclexington.com. Let's finish what we started!

Lexington in Fact

>Had a Second Battle of Lexington occurring during Price's Missouri Expedition on October 19, 1864.

>Has been selected to be involved in a Community Arts Pilot Project, a partnership with the University of Missouri Extension to promote economic development in Lexington through the arts.

Setting Business Growth In Motion.